First installation - No devices found

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I’m using the current version of OH on a RasPi 4. The alexa-echo binding works fine.
Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. create a switch

  2. Exposed the switch to myopenhab (although I can’t find it there; from older documentations I’ve read that used to be the case, but that might have changed by now)

  3. Installed the alexa-skill and connected it to the myopenhab-account

  4. When clicking “search devices” no new ones are found; especially not the “testschalter”-switch I created in the beginning. It doesn’t show under “all devices” or “switches” either.

The doc (Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill | openHAB) doesn’t seem to address such a basic issue. Do you have any suggestions?

Not sure if it’s relevant and I can’t describe it in details because it’s a while back: I used node-red for the communication with Alexa which worked somewhat instable (that’s one of the reasons why I want to migrate my node-red-rules directly to OH)

Don’t Expose items, this was only needed for IFTTT. You need to properly tag your items.
Please read the docs.

I’ve looked at the docs. What isn’t addressed there adequately is where to enter these definitions/tags. Might be obvious for experienced users but wasn’t/isn’t for me (I recently started with OH 3, so I’m not used to define rules, items etc. in separate files which might be necessary here).

However, I now found a way to do this, which might be helpful for other beginners: Select item to address → Add Metadata → Amazon Alexa → Choose Alexa class (e.g. switch) → save!
Then the item is discovered in the Alexa-App and can be used.

However, there seems to be another way with entering the code mentioned in the doc. Since this seems to be more flexible/powerful, it might be useful if someone described it (below or in the docs).

Still a lot of work to do for the docs …