First steps on Openhabian

Hello everyone,
I’m new to the community and I’m starting to do something with OpenHAB. I started to make some “project” using the pc as host.
Now I bought a Raspberry plus 3 and I installed it on openhabian
What I can not understand now is how to transfer the files made on the PC to the SD where I openhabian.
If this is not possible as you realize a project with openhabian?

I saw this video, where you see that it attacks a Pen Drive and it all works. How do you get to this?

Thanks in advance

In Italian :

Salve a tutti,
sono nuovo della community e sto cominciando a realizzare qualcosa con OpenHAB. Ho cominciato a realizzare qualche “progetto” utilizzando il pc come host.
Ora ho acquistato un Raspberry pi 3 e ho installato su openhabian
Quello che ora non riesco a capire è come trasferire i file realizzati sul PC sull’SD dove ho openhabian.
Se questo non è possibile come si realizza un progetto con openhabian?

Ho visto questo video, dove si vede che attacca un Pen Drive e tutto funziona. Come si arriva a questo?

Grazie in anticipo

Hi Francesco,
Good to have you onboard with openHAB. With openHABian you will have openHAB version 2 installed, while the video refer to is quite old, from 2013. I suggest you start reading here, which has a lot of documentation for your first install:

or here:

Thanks for the quick answer. Indeed, I have already consulted these guides.
These are clear to me.
The problem is, once you have installed the openhabian, and I have the console as in the guides you have indicated to me, how can I write the file items and sitemap? Do I have to do it directly on openhabian or do I have the ability to make the files on my pc and then transfer them to the SD?

Ok, you can connect to your Raspberry via SSH from a terminal client on another computer (use Putty for Windows for instance).

What a lot of people do (including myself), is using the SmartHome Designer to access files and edit them remotely from another computer:

Maurits28 thank you very much for your promptness in answering me.
I installed the SmartHome Designer but not so come to show my openhabian. Definitely I have to do from the:
Run/External Tools/ External Tool Configurations / in Program create “New_Configuration”

From here on, I do not know what to enter. How do I show my raspberry more than 3 with openhabian that is already connected to the wifi network?

You need to map openhabian as a network drive. Samba needs to be activated through “sudo openhabian-config”.

Francesco, I suggest you take a little bit more time to read the documentation thoroughly, it is all written there. Try a few things, read again and try again.

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I have activated samba service but how do I map openhabian as a network drive.
Another question: do you use jessi lite or jessie with pixels? I ask why I installed the lite

I use the hassle free openhabian. I think it runs on jessie light. Do you want to access your openhabian raspberry from a Windows computer or a MAC?

Voglio accedere da un pc windows e programmarlo grazie allo SmartDesign

Ok, I don´t speak Italian, but I understand Windows PC. Open the Windows FILE explorer and type in the address bar:


and hit enter.

A window will pop up asking you for your credentials. (usually openhabian/openhabian)

After that you should be able to access your raspberry through windows file explorer. RIGHT click on the folder “openHAB-conf” and select “Map network drive…” or whatever that translates to in Italian.


i’m sorry but i insert my ip in \my ip raspberry …
Does not open any page but if I connect with the putty works then my raspberry is online.
If I turn the ip down then: 8080 I connect to the UI with the various papers
…you have link of a guide?

Ok i got … i connected to the openhabian with the putty
After entering my username and password I ran
Sudo MyNameOfOpenhabian-config
From then I entered the menu and set the parameters for the network configuration in the NGINX menu
I would recommend inserting the free ip option with DHCP but still inside the router reserve an ip with MAC address registration