First Time Help with HTML Parsing

Hi Guys,

I’m not looking for someone to do this for me just someone to help me learn how to Parse HTML.

I have run a php script through exec binding and have my result.

Here is a snippet:

<TD VALIGN="top">*****DEVICE ID*****</TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top">Nathan's iPhone 6 plus</TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top">iPhone 6 Plus</TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top">			<TABLE BORDER="1">
				<TD VALIGN="top">timestamp</TD>
				<TD VALIGN="top">1490362752181</TD>
				<TD VALIGN="top">horizontalAccuracy</TD>
				<TD VALIGN="top">65</TD>
				<TD VALIGN="top">positionType</TD>
				<TD VALIGN="top">Wifi</TD>
				<TD VALIGN="top">longitude</TD>
				<TD VALIGN="top">-3.2181407667258</TD>
				<TD VALIGN="top">latitude</TD>
				<TD VALIGN="top">51.679764844193</TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top">iPhone</TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top">iPhone7,1</TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top">iPhone</TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top">0.77</TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top">NotCharging</TD>

What I would like to do is take certain aspects of the result, E.g. Longitude/Latitude/Battery Level/Battery Status, and create items from the results.

The Table Layout is

    				<TD VALIGN="top"><B>ID</B></TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top"><B>name</B></TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top"><B>displayName</B></TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top"><B>location</B></TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top"><B>class</B></TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top"><B>model</B></TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top"><B>modelDisplayName</B></TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top"><B>batteryLevel</B></TD>
    				<TD VALIGN="top"><B>batteryStatus</B></TD>

Can anyone please help teach me how to do this?