Fix Permission errors - unable to edit files …


i tried to avoid always having to use sudo openhab-cli [command] so i thought it woud be a good idea to run sudo openhab-cli reset-ownership. It was not …
now i am not able to edit the config files anymore …

could you please help me?
I am running OH 3.1M4 openhabian on a ubuntu vm and connecting via samba from my macbook at the moment …

thank you!

Here’s what VS Code tells me:

Failed to save ‘Amazonecho.items’: Command failed: “/Applications/Visual Studio” --file-write “/Users/jonas/Library/Application Support/Code/code-elevated-dzupbn” “/Volumes/openHAB-conf/items/Amazonecho.items” Error using --file-write: EPERM: operation not permitted, open ‘/Volumes/openHAB-conf/items/Amazonecho.items’

You will have read that openHABian is not supported on Ubuntu, haven’t you ?
That’s the prime source of your problem. On Debian or Raspberry Pi OS all of what you mentioned is working.
Sorry it happened to you but this is exactly why you should not ignore prerequisites that are mentioned for a software you use and this is also why I won’t be helping with this. I’ve spent more than enough work on testing to make openHABian work reliably on the platforms it supports.

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Hello and thank you for your honest words.

If i find some time i will try installing on debian i promise.

I will restore my config files from yesterday so it’s not that big of a deal. i was just afraid of something else being broken. time will tell - at least i have my backups :slight_smile:

don’t get me wrong - i am really grateful for all of your work and support and do totally understand your point.