Fix Permissions menu entry from the openHABian Configuration Tool

In the README.txt of the openHABian Samba network share openHAB-share, there is:

  • If you ever have access right problems (e.g. missing write permissions) or
    have restored files and need to make sure they have the right set of owner,
    group and permissions, please execute the “Fix Permissions” menu entry from
    the openHABian Configuation Tool.

There is no such entry, but there is “Basic Setup”, which seems to include it.

Can I run Basic Setup at any time? or is it a one time only thing.

:head_bandage: Actually there should… the PR is just not merged yet because I was missing a moment of peace to merge, test and announce it.

Yes you can execute Basic Setup at any time. Only thing you should look out for is that it might overwrite special modifications you did yourself like modifications to your bashrc.