FIXED/SOLUTION Installing from marketplace gives Couldn't find the widget in the add-on entry

If you are getting this error in the openhab.log
[ERROR] [munity.CommunityUIWidgetAddonHandler] - Widget from marketplace is invalid: Couldn't find the widget in the add-on entry

Then please give this post to the person that created the widget entry so they know the fix…

The solution for me was to edit the post that enters the widget into the marketplace and to add the word yaml after the start of the code fence to supply the widget code.

It should be

Widget code goes here

I worked out the cause by looking at the source code and what could case the above error message. Only two reasons, the code can not find the URL in the forum, or it can not find the yaml. The code fence MUST be marked as yaml to be found.

If you use 4 tick marks for the code fence, then you can show 3 tick marks inside:

  Widget code here
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