Fixing lost data in Persistence (influxdb)

Hi, my hard drive filled up and temperature data logging to influxdb was stopped for a few days. I actually have the values stored in my syslog so I wanted to put them back in the database manually.

I understand there is a curl command to do this, but I am reluctant to play with it too much since I am scared of corrupting the database!

If a kind person would mind guiding me through this I would be very grateful.

To describe how it’s set up:

My database is called openhab_db, username admin, and is password protected.
If I use

I get

If I use
SELECT * FROM Room1Temp WHERE time >= ‘2019-10-31T00:00:00Z’ and time < ‘2019-11-03T00:00:00Z’

I get
time value
----- -----
1572480000324000000 22.11
1572480004461000000 22.13


Thank you!

You’ll have better luck asking in and influxdb forum
As this is not directly related to openHAB. It may be openHAB data but it is not and openHAB issue

Good point, thanks, have posted to influxdb forums.