Flashing SMTONOFF 63A Power Monitoring DIN Relay (SMT002)

It’s quite difficult
1 - you must remove the 4 rivets holding the 2 sides together
2 - remove the 2 cable connectors from the PCB, remove the button and 2 light guides, then lift and flip the pcb
3 on the backside locate the ESP 8285 and using the pinout below solder 4 wires to 3.3V, GND, TX and RX. Tip: use GND form the power button, easier to access
warning: the pins are VERY small, it’s a difficult job as 3.3V, TX, RX are next to each other

Photos are priceless, so here they are:

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Hi @4est
This is fantastic, I want to get one of these to test.
How has it been working for you so far with Tasmota?
Are there any issues to be aware about?

To open the unit up, does it screw open or do you need to drill the rivets out?

Thanks in Advance.


I just noticed your reply, sorry for the late answer:
works just fine, no issues
you have to drill out the rivets, but they are very soft, so it’s easy
the difficult part is to solder the wires on the very small pins