FLF-ZWAVE5-ECO .. adding and using

Starting a new thread on this to see if I can get advice on using this particular sensor. It’s a Flood/Freeze sensor.

I was able to add the device to the zwave network doing the ‘Scan’ thing on the binding. To note, this is my only zwave device and I am new to the process. For a zwave controller I have a Silicon Labs 700 UZB-7 USB stick. (SLUSB001A EFR32ZG14 UZB-7 Z-Wave 700 Stick Bridge Module - Silicon Labs)

The UZB-7 exposes the well-documented and proven Z-Wave Serial API via USB

The device came up as Unknown. I set a name for it. Its id is zwave:device:8002002e1c:node2

Now I am stuck as to what to do next. There are no ‘channels’ which are required so it can be added to the model in order to monitor something.

I’ve seen on other threads that others have this device working in their systems. I’m just not sure how.

Any hints on getting this thing to work/play nice?

This entry really is this device: ZWave Thing | openHAB …physically they appear identical too.

From that page:

Even if the device appears to be in the database, some manufacturers use multiple sets of references for different regions or versions, and your device references may not be in the database. In either case, the database must be updated and you should raise an issue to get this addressed.

The device is most likely fine. To the best of my knowledge openHAB doesn’t support the 700 series controllers yet.

I think you need a different controller.

Well the 700 Zwave/IP I believe is not supported, but this is serial and the device IS visible to the network and openHab. The device IS seen in OpenHab… just no channels.

A quick search of the forums for “Zwave 700” will show you numerous posts that the 700 series controllers are not supported. Some of these posts are from Dec '21 so I think it would have been kind of big news if we had added support in the last month.

Yea. I see what you’re saying. Maybe that IS the problem. I thought that the serial protocol was just ‘the serial protocol’, quite likely I was wrong!

Hmm. Well, I’ll try a different zwave stick like the Aeotec Zwave gen5 and give that a try.

Agree with all the 700 series posts. Likely the problem.

What the above quote generally refers to these numbers

<property name="vendor">Ecolink</property>
<property name="modelId">FLF-ZWAVE5 R1</property>
<property name="manufacturerId">014A</property>
<property name="manufacturerRef">0005:0010</property>

Do any of the numbers match if you drill into Thing Properties? They are in hex so 014A is 330 and 0010 is 16. if they match, likely the controller. If different maybe the DB needs an update.


I’m not seeing anything in openhab that seems to match anything like that. I do have an Aeotec Gen5 stick on its way and I’ll try it Saturday to see if I just initially ‘chose poorly’ when getting a controller :smiley:

Since it is a battery operated device, you should wake it up several times after the inclusion process until the “interview” is complete - then you should see it with the correct name and not the unknown device. So you would need to delete your thing and check the inbox again if you device is now recognized correctly in your inbox. There should not be a need for a new inclusion .

I probably made an error showing the number format from an .xml file. This is how they look in the UI.

They should be there even if the device is not fully configured. Also second the advice from @Sascha_Billian before abandoning the zstick.


Yes, valid responses. I did change the polling period and the wakeup interval and left it for a day but have not seen it get configured.

I didn’t see anything in the information panel with manufacturer Ids or references either. I understood what you meant even though you put it in XML , but good to clarify for later readers in the thread :smiley:

The other stick is on its way. I’ll just clear everything out and try again tomorrow.

Amazon canceled my order of the Gen5 stick since they then realized they didn’t have any after I placed my order. So, still haven’t made any progress. Just wanted to respond to this thread in case anyone thought I wasn’t following up :smiley: