Flic Button Hub with Openhab 3

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I ask this question in an old post but ich thin the post is too old to get an answere.So i ask the question again in a ne topic so other people can profit:

I used to use my Flic2 buttons incl. HUB with the old CMD interface of the Openhab 2. Now I have changed to Openhab 3 and the interface is no longer available. Is it possible with the new Openhab3 and the Flic Hub to control items via API command? If so what do I have to enter in the Flic Hub? Or is it just possible with the binding?

Here are the options that are available in the Flic HUB:

Open the REST API Docs under Developer Tools in openHAB 3. Go down to Items and find the “send command” end point. That will have all the information you need to issue the command to the Item through the REST API. Note that you might need to generate an auth token to include in the request (a header entry) or enable basic auth and include the username and password in the URL.

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That works. Action is POST

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Thanks for your answers!
I tried a lot with token, auth key and different URLs and read the doku a lot. The Screenshot from lars did it! It was the “/” at the end!

Danke Lars