Floor Plan not Showing Image on Mobile Phone

Hey there,

i´ve got a question about floorplans in oh3. I just migrated from oh2 to oh3. I have created a Floorplan with an image that i have stored under /etc/openhab/html and which i can open without any problems on my pc and phone via browser.

Unfortunately when opening the floorplan on my openhab app in Openhab3 UI, i only get the little “could not load” sign. Any markers i set are shown with tooltips etc.

I´ve seen people have this errors with camera stream or things like that, but mine is a simple jpg / png (tried both).

My logs seem fine, my image has 644 rights and is owned by openhab:openhab… Do you have any clue where i should look to solve this error?

System: Debian / OH3 / Zulu Java 11