Floor Plan not Showing Image on Mobile Phone

Hey there,

i´ve got a question about floorplans in oh3. I just migrated from oh2 to oh3. I have created a Floorplan with an image that i have stored under /etc/openhab/html and which i can open without any problems on my pc and phone via browser.

Unfortunately when opening the floorplan on my openhab app in Openhab3 UI, i only get the little “could not load” sign. Any markers i set are shown with tooltips etc.

I´ve seen people have this errors with camera stream or things like that, but mine is a simple jpg / png (tried both).

My logs seem fine, my image has 644 rights and is owned by openhab:openhab… Do you have any clue where i should look to solve this error?

System: Debian / OH3 / Zulu Java 11


I have the same problem. I searched the internet for days but didn’t found any solution. Did you? Seems noone uses custom images in OH.

After years of using OH i’ve created yesterday my first floorplan and noticed kinda same error…
Followed a tutorial (here in the forums), where someone describes how to create your first page and can see the image on my PC flawlessly, but opening the page via app shows me only the markers and no image …
Seems like someone got this error resolved here: OH3 Floor Plan with Android App URL entry - #2 by Mark_VG
But can’t test it myself at the moment.
Will give feedback asap …

Yes mine works with both: