Floorplan in classic ui


i have openhab2 and in habmin2 i make floorplan and add to dashboard in habmin2 but still i do not know how to use this floorplan in classic ui ?

Neither classic UI nor basic UI knows about floorplans, so the simple answer is, there is no way to use this within classic UI.

hmm not good
thx for answere
where i can use floorplan because i do not think that floorplan editor is only too make floorplan without use :))

Floorplan editor is to make floorplans for use in Habmin2. I believe Habpanel supports a floorplan UI element but you will have to build the floor plan again in Habpanel though.

For the most part all of the UIs for OH are separate entities without overlap or interaction (the big exception being that ClassUI and BasicUI use the same .sitemap files do define them).