Floorplan is not in the Habmin Dashboard


I want to use the floorplan editor in Habmin. I uploaded a JPG File and added a item on it.

When I go to my Habmin Dashboard there is only my item.

Can someone help please?

Thank you,


Habmin is very important for administering zwave devices as it provides features and capabilities unavailable in PaperUI. But all other parts of Habmin have received minimal to no updates for the past couple of years. For example, the Rules builder there still creates OH 1.8 style Rules. I would not be surprised if that editor has also no received any updates and has finally stopped working.

There are examples of doing something similar using HABPanel. Design your SVG floorplan or dashboard for HABPanel with Inkscape

Is that still the case? 2.5M1 PaperUI looks pretty complete. I only do a couple of zwave things in HABmin due to familiarity.

The way that PaperUI updates Zwave device parameters is suboptimal. There is no network map in PaperUI. I don’t think you can put your Controller into exclusion mode in PaperUI.

The option is there.