Floorplan / Page - mobile and desktop view, compatibility

I am using floorplan pages for some visualisation. The problem is that the pages I created look fine at desktop UI, but not at mobile UI.

Example- Dekstop view is fine:

… but mobile view is unusable

Is there a way to create pages that look good in mobile AND desktop view?

Otherwise: Is it possible to create Menu links in UI that are only shown to mobile users and others that are shown to non mobile users?

Best way was an improved rendering / scaling and having one page that fits for mobile and desktop users…

Thanks for your help!

Turn your phone sideways.

@ubeaut that were my first thoughts, too, but the result is not better…

What size is the photo?
Mine is a png and is PNG 1330x525 1330x525+0+0 8-bit sRGB 50906B 0.000u 0:00.000

mine looks like this on the phone in landscape:

And this on the computer:

There is a bit of overlap on the phone but I don’t use the phone that much. It also looks OK on a tablet device.

Mine is 1000x546 Pixels