Floorplan with Widgets on Same Page

Using OH3, is there a way to have widgets appear over a floorplan? So you’d have a floorplan with a room / house layout but there would be gauges that appear in the dead space of the corners?

The only way I could currently see to even get floorplans and widgets to appear on the same page is to have the floorplan be a webpage that is referenced in the Layout Page. That isn’t the most visually appealing though as you can’t float a widget above the floorplan.

I don’t think so. The floorplan page definition just doesn’t include any place where it renders arbitrary widgets.

You might be able to get slightly closer to what you are looking for by building a custom widget starting with an f7-page component, putting the floorplan in an oh-webframe and then incorporating your other widgets as well. That would suffer the same aesthetic issue of seeing the whole floorplan page, OH navbar and all, but would give you full control over the placement of the widgets over the floorplan.
It would, however, be a lot of building as you would have to hard code each of your other floating widgets into the main one.

certainly +1