Floorplan within tabbed page not visible


Android app 3.7.0
Android 13

I have a floor plan page included as tab in a tabbed page, what’s not working as expected in the app when using remote server.

Via app:
If I directly open the floorplan (e.g. add page to the menu), it’s working as expected.

If I open the floorplan via tabbed page, I still see the tabs, but neither floorplan nor any marker (when connected to remote server). Other tabbed pages working well.

If I open the floorplan via tabbed page & local connection, it’s working as well.

Via browser (on the same mobile phone):
For both ways (accessing via local url and via https://home.myopenhab.org/) I cannot reproduce the issue.

I know my oh version is outdated, but as it’s working via browser but not via app I believe it’s an app issue.

Maybe someone with latest version can test and reproduce this anyway to make sure it’s not already fixed?