Floorplan within tabbed page not visible


Android app 3.7.0
Android 13

I have a floor plan page included as tab in a tabbed page, what’s not working as expected in the app when using remote server.

Via app:
If I directly open the floorplan (e.g. add page to the menu), it’s working as expected.

If I open the floorplan via tabbed page, I still see the tabs, but neither floorplan nor any marker (when connected to remote server). Other tabbed pages working well.

If I open the floorplan via tabbed page & local connection, it’s working as well.

Via browser (on the same mobile phone):
For both ways (accessing via local url and via https://home.myopenhab.org/) I cannot reproduce the issue.

I know my oh version is outdated, but as it’s working via browser but not via app I believe it’s an app issue.

Maybe someone with latest version can test and reproduce this anyway to make sure it’s not already fixed?

The app uses the system WebView component to render Main UI. You could try to update https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.webview

In the developer settings of your Android device there should be a setting to select the app that’s used as WebView. Maybe you can use a different app there.

It’s working without chrom browser on the same device. As per my understanding that’s proofing that the webview component is not causing the issue it why would mainui his browser work but mainui via app in this specific scenario not? :thinking:

Because ‘Chrome’ and ‘WebView provided by Chrome’ are not the same thing.
Does the app log have any error messages about ‘chromium’ or something?

Thanks, that’s new for me. I thought they share the same engine.

I checked the playstore and there is no update for the webview component app. I’m on version 117.0.5938.153

The only error in the log is the following:

10-08 16:26:51.827 29980 29980 I ViewRootImpl@bba3c17[MainActivity]: setupSync seqId=0 mSyncId=1 fn=1 caller=android.view.ViewRootImpl$$ExternalSyntheticLambda11.accept:6 android.window.SurfaceSyncer.lambda$setupSync$1$android-window-SurfaceSyncer:128 android.window.SurfaceSyncer$$ExternalSyntheticLambda1.accept:8 android.window.SurfaceSyncer$SyncSet.checkIfSyncIsComplete:382 android.window.SurfaceSyncer$SyncSet.markSyncReady:359 android.window.SurfaceSyncer.markSyncReady:151 android.view.ViewRootImpl.performTraversals:4503 
10-08 16:26:51.828 29980 29980 E chromium: [ERROR:aw_browser_terminator.cc(156)] Renderer process (30044) crash detected (code -1).
10-08 16:26:51.835 29980 29980 I ViewRootImpl@bba3c17[MainActivity]: reportDrawFinished seqId=0 mSyncId=-1 fn=1 mSurfaceChangedTransaction=0x75e47b2a30

They do, but there’s differences in everything around the core engine, e.g. configuration, and the WebView might also implement less interfaces /technologies than a standalone browser.

In this particular case, though, I’d rather suspect a different issue, e.g. a mixed mode one. If you say 'remote connection’s, does this mean a connection via myopenhab or a direct server connection? How did you integrate the floor plan - is it e.g. some image fetched via HTTP by any chance?

Remote connection = connection via myopenhab

The image is stopped locally on the oh server and it’s defined relatively

  darkModeInvert: true
  imageHeight: 640
  imageUrl: /static/floorplans/floormap_eg.png
  imageWidth: 248
  label: Erdgeschoss Floorplan
  noZoomAnimation: true
  noZoomOrDrag: true
  showFullscreenIcon: true
  sidebar: false

The strange thing is, that if I open the floorplan directly, e.g. the floorplan page is included in the sidebar, than it’s working fine.

Only if the floorplan is embedded in a tabbed page and I try “main ui → tabbed page → floorplan page” it’s not working