FMI Weather Binding - HIRLAM end of use

I just recognized that the FMI Weather Binding was in state COMMUNICATION_ERROR with following message:

FMIExceptionReportException: Exception report (OperationParsingFailed): [No handler for ‘fmi::forecast::hirlam::surface::point::multipointcoverage’ found!, URI: /wfs?endXXXXXXXX&parameters=Temperature%2CHumidity%2CWindDirection%2CWindSpeedMS%2CWindGust%2CPressure%2CPrecipitation1h%2CTotalCloudCover%2CWeatherSymbol3&request=getFeature&service=WFS&starttime=2022-11-04T15%3A40%3A00Z&storedquery_id=fmi%3A%3Aforecast%3A%3Ahirlam%3A%3Asurface%3A%3Apoint%3A%3Amultipointcoverage&timestep=20&version=2.0.0]

By searching for that error message I found out that FMI has announced that it will stop using the HIRLAM weather forecast model in October 2022. It will be replaced by the HARMONIE model. Is there a way to configure the used model? I did not found any. Maybe it is hard-coded?


Just noticed the same!
fails with the same message I see in my thing status.

We noticed the same with @ruxu… We don’t use the binding but a custom javascript to fetch the forecast. Rainer updated the script to use the current HARMONIE model, see Control a water heater and ground source heat pump based on cheap hours of spot priced electricity - #113 by ruxu

If the maintainer of the FMI Binding reads this, that link might be helpful.


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I have adjusted the binding to use the HARMONIE model: [FMI] HIRLAM → HARMONIE weather model by nils · Pull Request #13693 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

Unfortunately it looks like only “northern Europe” is supported by the new HARMONIE weather model.

In Northern Europe, the HARMONIE (MEPS) weather forecast data can be used as a replacement weather forecast model.

This is confirmed by trying to get data for Stuttgart, Germany:

No data available for ‘Akademiegarten’!

Data for Hamburg, Germany is available however.

Great! Thanks a lot! I’ll test it tomorrow

Hi @Germar,

if you are lucky your location is still supported :slight_smile:

You can try this: JFrog

My location is still supported and the patched binding works like a charm! Thanks a lot.