Fob and update (OpenHab2 and Rasberry Pi)

Ok, here we go … I’ve taken a look at misc. tutorials and more, but am stuck when it comes to the following (among others):

  1. fob and zwave
  2. upgrading

Background information:
Openhabian installation (june 2018) on Raspberry Pi 3; Aeon Z wave stick, Telldus remote outlets, Aeon multisensors, Fibaro keyfob

System working, all things visible in Openhab. Access and control possible via WebUI and app.

1. fob and zwave
I’d like to achieve the “simple” task of using the Fibaro keyfob to control remote outlets. I’ve checked out How to use the Fibaro Keyfob and to manage challenges around it but cannot get things to work. In case anybody feels his/her call to assist, I’d surely appreciate it …

2. upgrading
I set up everything in June this year. As far as I’ve understood, SSH-access is not possible after setup has been achieved. Even if I place a file named SSH on the SD-card, it gets removed after start-up. What’s the correct procedure for upgrading?

Please apologise in case these questions already are answered other places :slight_smile:

In HABmin, you can actually see the scene numbers from the Fob:

If you don’t, your rule will never trigger.
Check that first.

Ssh is always available you just need to know the IP address or hostname and user name/password.

Use putty or equivalent to connect.

Connection is refused and the ssh-file is automatically removed after boot.

I suspect you have a known hosts file that has that ip from a previous connection. On Linux it is in the .ssh folder in your home directory. No clue about putty as I don’t use putty.

Have a look here though :

Seems like something got corrupted. I’ve formated the card. SSH / updating is working on the fresh installation :slight_smile:

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