Follow Up Profiles problem

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Paspberry PI 3.0_
    • openHAB version: 2.5

Dear community,
I have recently added two FIBARO Roller Shutters 3 and have problems to configure both items with “follow” profile.
Both shutters are working preoperly as individuals. With follow profile one works OK second receives not set values.

Item Shutter Left:
Rollershutter FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Left "RS Konrad L [%d %%]" <rollershutter> (FF_Bedroom_Konrad, gRollerShutter) ["Roller Shutter"] {channel="zwave:device:8985008e:node11:blinds_control"}

Item Shutter Right:
Rollershutter FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Right "RS Konrad R [%d %%]" <rollershutter> (FF_Bedroom_Konrad, gRollerShutter) ["Roller Shutter"] {channel="zwave:device:8985008e:node10:blinds_control"}

Item Both:
Rollershutter FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Both "RS Konrad [%d %%]" <rollershutter> (FF_Bedroom_Konrad, gRollerShutter) ["Roller Shutter"] {channel="zwave:device:8985008e:node10:blinds_control", channel="zwave:device:8985008e:node11:blinds_control" [profile="follow"]}

Switch item=FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Both mappings= 77="CLOSE",26="25%",40="50%",55="75%",0="OPEN"]

Both shutters 100% Open
Press 50%

2020-10-04 16:46:09.244 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Both' received command 40 2020-10-04 16:46:09.300 [nt.ItemStatePredictedEvent] - FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Both predicted to become 40 2020-10-04 16:46:09.327 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Both changed from 0 to 40 2020-10-04 16:46:09.332 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - gRollerShutter changed from 0.20000000 to 0.30000000 through FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Both 2020-10-04 16:46:09.983 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - RaspberryPiSensorsCpuTemp changed from 45.1 to 45.6 2020-10-04 16:46:10.934 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Right changed from 0 to 6 2020-10-04 16:46:10.940 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - gRollerShutter changed from 0.30000000 to 0.31500000 through FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Right 2020-10-04 16:46:10.944 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - gRollerShutter changed from 0.31500000 to 0.23000000 through FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Both 2020-10-04 16:46:10.949 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Both changed from 40 to 6 2020-10-04 16:46:10.981 [GroupItemStateChangedEvent] - gRollerShutter changed from 0.23000000 to 0.17000000 through FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Left 2020-10-04 16:46:10.984 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - FF_Bedroom_Konrad_RollerShutter_Left changed from 30 to 6

having Item with follow profile when I change status on the right Shutter the left one is being moved as well.
Does someone understand why my receivers are getting different values to set?

Left Shutter has:

  • channel Blinds Control set to “Invert Control”
  • channel Blinds Control unset to “Invert precentage value”

Right Shutter has:

  • channel Blinds Control unset to “Invert Control”
  • channel Blinds Control set to “Invert precentage value”

It seems to be doing what you told it to do.

This “_Both” Item will send any commands received to zwave channel for node10.

The zwave channel for node11 is configured to follow. That means it will listen for state updates to the Item, and then treat those as commands instead, and pass along to the node11 device.

Right is node10, a new position report sent over zwave will update the “_Right” Item and the “_Both” Item.
The follow channel will be activated by the “_Both” update and send it to node11 as a command.

Maybe if you tell you us what you are trying to achieve? I suspect you may want a Group instead.

Many thanks for fast reaction!

Sure. For these two windows I have independent controlls. For each shutter separete. It works perfectly.
My intention is to add one more item which controls two of them with the same parameters.

Eg. Send command 50% --> both shutters will open to 50% independently of their current postion. CLOSE -> both will to close (at the same time)
I was thinking about grouping them as well or write a rule but wanted to be “smart” hiting this with follow profile. Seems that I did not understand the follow profile.

If you put both your Items in a Group, any commands that you send to the Group Item will get passed (as commands) to both member Items.
The individual member Items then do whatever they normally do with commands, passing to any linked devices via bindings for example.

I tought so and will try this out.

hmm. just reading Documentation and I do not think it is possible to send request to Group of Shutters to controll them in Basic UI.
How you can control group of items in Basic UI?

I wish to have one control element image
but sending commands to two shutters.

One solution might be to have independent Rollshutter item and write rule to send to the group.
Thi i can solve with rules as well. Ist there anything easier i can realise in sitemap?

I appriciate your concept @rossko57

I suppose you could try it out?


Group:Rollershutter yourGroup "both rollers"
Rollershutter someBlind "roller A" (yourGroup)
Rollershutter otherBlind "roller B" (yourGroup)


Switch item=yourGroup



2020-10-05 19:44:30.546 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'yourGroup' received command UP
2020-10-05 19:44:30.549 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'someBlind' received command UP
2020-10-05 19:44:30.550 [ome.event.ItemCommandEvent] - Item 'otherBlind' received command UP

Works perfectly. Thank you very much!

Glad it works.
Bear in mind a group command produces an uncontrolled flood of several device commands. Not all technologies respond well to floods.