Foobot Binding available

Foobot is an air quality monitoring device that tracks several airborne pollutants.
There was already a pr in progress, but in cooperation with the developers of foobot I took over this binding to finish the work and get it through our review process. The people of foobot were so kind to send me 2 devices to test the binding.

To use foobot with openHAB you can download the jar here: and manual install the binding in the addons folder. The binding requires 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT


Hi, and thank you very much for the binding. I added it to the system and I have 2.5.0 running . I get the account online to have the bridge available but I get “offline- communication error” org.eclipse.jetty.client.HttpResponseException: HTTP protocol violation: Authentication challenge without WWW-Authenticate header (code: 0) to receive the actual readings.



ok, I got it running. I think it is important for people to know that you will need the X-API-KEY-TOKEN that is generated after you have inserted the API key from the foobot page. At least this is how it works on my side now. Strange, but it works.

I’m not sure I can follow you here. On the api doc page it mentioned API Key, but that seems to me the same as the one need as X-API-KEY-TOKEN? Did you have some other api key? I’m looking how I can make it more clear what the user needs to do in the configuration and documentation?

I must admit that it has been confusing with foobot and their API key from the beginning (for me at least) . The API Key for me is not the same as the X-API-KEY-TOKEN, if it is for you, then that is perfectly fine. For me the API Key is much shorter that the other one and everything works when I put the X-API-KEY-TOKEN into the string where it says API Key. It says in their documentation that the X-API-KEY-TOKEN :“Authentication token (only if api key grantee is a different user)” . At least on my side the user has not changed and has always been the same.