For Sale: GE 12722/23/24 ZWave Switch/Dimmer/Remote

I’m not sure if this is against the rules here, if so please let me know and happy to have the post removed.

I recently built a new home, and purchased GE 12722/23/24 ZWave Switches, Remotes (3Way), and Dimmers. Unfortunately (putting the disclaimer out there) - these do not support instant status reports. This means the device does not report back to ZWave controller in a guaranteed manner (aka within milliseconds update). Sometimes they do, sometimes they do not, when you manually use the switch. So rules can not reliably trigger off manual controls of switches/dimmers.

I’ve now ordered up a replacement set of switches, dimmers, remotes from another maker that do support this status and additionally multi-click button support for scenes. (From HomeSeer). I’m sitting with around US$1k of devices I will not be using. If you are interested in purchasing any of these devices, I’d be happy to take payment via PayPal and ship them to you. I imagine this should only apply for folks in the US as these are US ZWave frequency.

Please message me directly if interested. We can work out the detail on price/shipping via private message.

Quantity (29 total):
12722 - Switch - 8
12723 - Remote - 12
12724 - Dimmer - 9