Force iCloud refresh in Rule possible?


I use the iCloud binding and have setup a refreshTimeInMinutes=5.
I use especially the location of my phone to track whether I’m home or not. And if I’m not and the door opens, a kind of alarm starts.

Now I would like to force the refresh in a rule without having to set the timeout to a lower frequency.
Is it possible? If not, would there be any impact or sense to set the refreshtime to e.g. 1?

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You can force a refresh. There’s a switch for that, see the docs.


oh wow, my bad. Didn’t see it there.
But I don’t understand it fully, to be honest.
How would I use it in a rule? And what’s about this autoupdate=false thing in the channel?

I’ve read this doc about the autoupdate switch but for me it doesn’t make sense as it says

This way, it’s always off unless you explicitly post an update to this item.


I’ve got it, by the way.

In a rule I simply can use this command to refresh the location:



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Great! I was just about to write that down.