Force update a Thing/Bridge

Hi all,

for my Gira X1 I created an Automower plugin which polls at 10 minutes interval, and as soon as I enter the room which has the display, detected by motion sensor, I force update the Automower status.

Now using the Automower Bridge from OpenHab (which is great to have it!) I can configure a fixed polling interval. But is there a way to trigger the update immediately? … so for example when there is motion in front of the tablet?


openHAB supports the general idea of a REFRESH command to any Item, which will be passed via channel to any linked binding. REFRESH is just a command like any other, i.e. you can send it ad-hoc from rules.

Whether any binding does anything with that is up to the author, often constrained by the technology e.g. you can’t query a sleeping battery device.

If the binding does implement REFRESH, the actual effects again depend on author and technology. It might result in a bunch of Items eventually getting an update if they are queried as a group, for example.

I tested - REFRESH seems not implemented. And I wrote to the developer of the Automower bridge … so far no answer from him.

Another idea would be to create a second bridge with a faster cycle, and to activate/deactivate the bridge on demand.

Is it possible to activate/deactivate a bridge from a rules script?
Though as a workaround I could activate/deactivate the .things files through linux commands …