Forced to do migration from Docker to openHABian


my Synology NAS crashed and so did my openHAB 3 instance running as a Docker container.

To get things running again I was thinking about installing openHABian on a RasPI 4 that is lying around.

Any hints on how to do the migration?

Should I use the openHABian config tool and replace the config afterwards?
I do have a recent copy of my config/userdata folder, but no backup through openhab-cli or auto backup.



Install openhabian then stop openhab and copy data across. If it won’t work reimage sd card and start again

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It should do to put them back as @denominator suggested.
Devil’s sometimes in the details however, in particular for a cross-platform cross-version migration.
Eventually copy only config/* and just the jsondb folder rather than all of userdata.

Make sure to prepare for coming desasters this time: deploy openHABian auto backup right from the start.

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Thank you both @denominator and @mstormi for confirming my suspicion!

I already did back up data (btrfs snapshot every night that gets replicated to another server & OH config in git repo), but sure will use auto backup with openHABian. Nice to know that swapping the SD cards will fix most problems.