Forest shuttle invert_state=false and invert_percent=true


i have 2 Forest shuttle blinds. works perfectly only the close button opens the blind and de open button closes the blind. also the percentage is not correct, 100=0 0=100.

how could i add [invert_state=false and invert_percent=true] parameters to the dimmer channel. or how can i change the channel to blind?

I changed the channel in the database, you need to upgrade your zwave binding to the latest snapshot as soon as the changes got merged.


maybe a stupid question, but how can i check if de changes are merged?
and how can i update to the latest snapshot?

Everything is explained 100 of times in this forum, please use the search function.

after a long search found the right topics. added the updated xml to the jar and uploaded it to openhab, works like a charm, thanx!

That is a workaround if you don’t want to wait for a new snapshot build.

Watch the github repo:

Uninstall the current binding, download the latest snapshot binding, place it in your addons folder.