Format an item string text for display on the sitemap


I’m reading a list of events from my google calendar using the caldav binding resulting in the follwing item:
String CalDav_Muell_Termin1 “Tonne: [%s]” { caldavPersonal=“calendar:‘Muellkalender’ type:‘UPCOMING’ eventNr:‘1’ value:NAME” }

The result in the sitemap is the NAME of the event in the calendar:
“A.R.T. Abfuhrtermin: Altpapier & Gelber Sack”

Instead I would like to only display in the sitemap “Altpapier & Gelber Sack”. That means always removing the string "A.R.T. Abfuhrtermin: ".

I’ve tried to apply the REGEXP transformation on the value of the item but this was just ignored.
I’ve searched the forum up-and-down but I’m failing to find an approach.
Could someone point me in the right direction ?

I’m running OH2.2 on a raspberry3

thanks a lot for your input !

Just remove it from the calendar. Easy.

Another option is to create a virtual item and use a rule to store the adjusted string into it.

@andy95 try to use the regex at the label.

String CalDav_Muell_Termin1 "Tonne: [REGEX(s/.*:(.*)/$1/g):%s]" 

And i think its REGEX and not REGEXP this could also have been a problem.

thank your for response Josar!

and your proposal is 100% working thanks a lot !
I had to install the REGEX transformation binding also and then it started working like a charm !

thank you again !

@andy95 did you install the Regex Transformation?

with Paper UI go to


Then choose Transformations in the menu in the orange area of the page and install the RegEx Transformation.

hi Josar,
you saw exactly what I was missing, spot on !
thanks a lot !