Format of listening addresses

I’m just starting to set up my first openHAB2. Since it doesn’t have support for authentication I thought I’d start with setting up listening addresses according to It doesn’t say anything of which format to use for org.ops4j.pax.web.listening.addresses though, hope anyone here can enlighten me. Can I use multiple addresses? Can I use CIDR? What I would like to use is something like “,”.

You can (comma separated) but these IP Addresses are only for your host’s interfaces.

This parameter is for binding the web services (http & https) to a local interface (using hostname or IP). see:

You can’t define allowed subnets etc (to act as a “firewall” rule)

To implement security of this type, you could use @Benjy 's tutorial on NGINX and allow only certain IP Subnets in your NGINX server configuration

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Thanks, I’ll look into it.

I think the easiest would be simply putting a rule in my router only allowing specific ip spans. Thought I’d try using though so I guess I’ll need to know from which IP their calls originate. Anyone here knows that?