Format watts as kilowatts

I use OH4.0.4 with my custom bundle. I see power as 18000 W as example but how I can format it as 18 kW?

channel config:

	<channel-type id="heating_power">
		<label>Heating power</label>
		<state pattern="%s %unit%" readOnly="true"></state>

Publish data:

case HEATING_POWER -> new QuantityType<>(String.format("%.1f kW", device.getSensorData().getPower()));


On page:

Is it possible to format value as 19.5 kW instead 19500?

Setting pattern to %.1f kW should suffice.

@Udo_Hartmann I guess it will work for me because it my own addon. I able to recompile and install new version. But I found right way in this topic - OH3 how to format numbers in UI? - Setup, Configuration and Use / Beginners - openHAB Community
I have added pattern to item metadata