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Greetings, It appears the forum currently only allows image uploads. Is there any option to enable pdf uploads? It would be great to have this in the case of manuals, etc.


If that is possible, xml and json would be nice too! :wink:

Hell, let’s push the boat out :smile: JAR files would also be useful to allow test versions to be distributed…

I vote for clay tablets with cuneiform also :smiley:

hmm … i am a bit reluctant allowing all these file extensions since this forum could then be used as file sharing platform which i am going to avoid. In favour of posting PDF with HowTOs i definitely would prefer Wiki-Pages since they are searchable und editable by anybody.

@Kai, @Henry what is your take on this?

I am also for restricting it to only a few extensions, since I am also concerned about the backup size of our forum to explode otherwise. XML, JSON and PDF files should be fine as long as they do not exceed a certain size. Jars, zips and executables should definitely not be allowed, but rather be hosted outside and only referenced from here.

That’s exactly my opinion - for (big) archives there are enough filehosters out there, and in case you want to attach a (really) large textbased file you could use which supports syntax highlighting for different programming languages.

That would be fine. Often these files are quite small, it is just super handy to put them right in the same place where you are talking about them. A 1M limit should be more than enough I would think.

Ok, I have configured the forum to accept jpg, jpeg, png, gif, ico, xml, json, pdf.
Images and attachments must not exceed 1MB in size each.

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Hi Kai,

Could you please add CSS and SVG files as well?



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I wonder if we can look at this again.
I have developed and hosted two HABPanel widgets and one of them requires images to go with the json file. I have resorted to putting links to the images and forcing the user to download and rename each one.

Is it possible to support HABPanel resources in some way?
either enabling for just HABPanel posts?
or have a moderator approve zip for that purpose specifically?

I don’t want to use my personal file share since the link might break (that’s what happened to me in the first place, i as relying on a zip file hosted by @Signal11 who i forked my widget off)

Or maybe have a recommended method for HABPanel widgets?

I’d consider HABPanel widgets to be “code”, so Github sounds like the best place for it (where it can even be versioned etc.).

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