Forward tibber energydata via MQTT

Need help sending/fowarding tibber data from an .items file via MQTT.


  • Number TibberTotalPrice “Tibber Total Price” {channel=“tibber:tibberapi:228be1b372:current_total”}

  • String PriceLevel “Tibber Price Level” {channel=“tibber:tibberapi:228be1b372:current_level”}

In my sitemap the data is showing perfect.
Text item=TibberTotalPrice label=Tibber Uurprijs [€ %s ] icon=energy
Text item=PriceLevel label=Prijs Niveau icon=energy

How can I send this data via MQTT.
Broker running with the name:

Hope someone can help me :slight_smile:

Use an openHAB Rule to publish the data using mosquitto_pub.

I tried this sollution first:

unfortunately that does not work :frowning:

Please take notes of the date of entries here in the forum! :wink:
The linked thread dates 2016 at times, OH1 was the current version. Many things changed since then! :wink:

Ok, you don’t need to use mosquitto_pub in any way:

  1. install the MQTT binding
  2. add your “MQTT broker” as bridge
  3. add a “Generic MQTT Thing” and configure two channels for your two items
  4. link your existing items to the channels

read more here:

Come back, if you need help.

Thank you all.
I did it with rules and scripts.
Solved for me :slight_smile:

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