Foscam openalpr

Hi Guys,

I just saw this on the internet and it sounds intresting.
would be cool to be able to read liscence plates on the ip camera’s.
so i’m suggesting a new binding ? anyone have tried something like this before ?

seems to me it could be compatible with openhab ?

kindest regards

openHAB doesn’t really do video or image processing so I don’t think this would be a good fit for a binding. From where would you get the video/imagery? What advantage would you get by having this be a binding?

Instead I could see this working better as an external app/script that posts MQTT messages or updates to OH over the REST API.

I agree this could be interesting from a home automation perspective (e.g. automatically open the garage door but only for your car’s license plate number, assuming it is really really accurate with no false positives. I just don’t see how making it a binding actually adds any value to either it or OH. Perhaps if OH branches out into more video and imagery capabilities (e.g. have the ability to transfer video streams from IP cameras to bindings) I could see how having it be a binding would help.

From the perspective of collecting and use of personal data this is a nightmare :sunglasses:

Going off topic, but not a complete nightmare ; sure takes thinking about though. The whole point of a license plate is that is publicly visible, arguably this is not personal data. However one can of course infer someone’s whereabouts/movements from it when captured with time+place info, so it is certainly sensitive.

OH users should also consider the handling of personal data when e.g. capturing iphone presence or suchlike … probably not much of an issue with your own home and family. But OH might be deployed into business premises or public spaces and both common sense and national laws could apply (caution notices, security and misuse policies etc.)

The point was not personal data but making it possible for vehicles to interact with openhab based on liscence plate, when you arrive home etc, here in belgium we are only allowed to film our own property so i do not see any other personal data involved.
Plus the software is allready there its just the connection to openhab.

Kindest regards