Foscam what to choose?

Hi there!
I would like to buy a video camera and i can choose between Foscam C1 ip camera and Foscam FI9816P.
I’d like to use it for my security system so to see live stream and to have the possibility to get motion detection and to have access to the recordings.
I would like to ask you also about Hikvision, what’s your opinion? What would be better to supervise my apartment ?

Hi, I use FI9821 v2 and FI9826W (~FI9826P). They work pretty well with openHAB in MJPEG mode.
Foscam C1 and C2 don’t allow MJPEG stream as far as I know due to hardware limitation

At the moment there is no way to run h264 mode directly. I suppose you would need to use motion/zoneminder.
Read this:


Thanks for reply man, I see on the link you posted that FI9816P and c1 lite are marked with yellow? I don’t understand! They are ok for mjpeg using e.g. On the link or not? I want to use this camera inside my house on the hall and I also wan it to have night vision (ir). If I could speak and listen through it it could be just perfect for my needs.
Edit: sry now I saw, it says no! What about Hikvision?

If i buy whatever IP video camera i will not be able to view live stream in OH and to record from OH?
Anyone please an advice?

Is there anywhere on this forum a list or some file with all IP camera models that can stream live video to OH and to give you the possibility to use motion detection?

Not that I knew of. Two things are (primarily) important: The camera has to offer a MJPEG stream (like it was already said) and the camera needs to be accessible via http requests (to get it controlled by OH).

Foscam cameras are often named (and used) here in the forum. Personally I am using an Instar camera (quite popular here in Germany): IN-6001HD. I have a live stream on my OH sitemap and I am able to integrate motion detection (but haven’t implemented this until now).


And how did you configure it? I mean do you have real live stream like 25fps or so or you post images every one second? using mjpeg stream.

I’ve made a short test with a real mjpeg stream (don’t know how many fps it has…). In your local network traffic isn’t an issue, but when you use it remote this produces quite some traffic. And I haven’t tested it remotely (I know at least the iOS app in combination with OH2 has some issues with video or webview).

There are many useful tutorials on the instar page (, also in english). You can pretty much configure everything like you need it to be.

Thanks man, i’ll take a look, anyhow i was just curios how do you see your camera on oh, i was planing to buy a Foscam c1 that haș a Pir inside and motion detection but i saw that it didn’t suport mjpeg.

What is the cheepest foscam (or other brand) that will do live stream in oh? It has to be wireless, fixed, motion detection and at least 1 mp. I don’t want a pic/sec that will act like 1fps.
Any recommendations?

@ewgor just buy Fi9821 v2, which is cheap, however if you choose more expensive FI9826P you will get much better quality. Both works over MJPEG very well and you can control them wia CGI commands i.e. control movement, get info about alarms etc.

But if I will use zoneminder, can I use c1 (or c1 lite) to have live video in oh? (I want to see live in Rotini app)

Hi, what about fi9851p ? I’m thinking to buy a 4 or 5 of this but I’ll need to store images on some kinda nvr! And to be able to see live images into oh respectively Rotini, is that possible?

Anyone fi9851p its ok? Can it be used with oh?