FOSDEM 2020 - seeking volunteers & ambassadors

Shity weather, far away from Berlin. But the best place to be in early February :slight_smile:

Brussels / 1 & 2 February 2020

Should we? Could we? Is there anyone out with a passion for 2 days answering questions from newbies, IoT-haters and tin foil hats? If so, you’re the right person. Give a ping in this thread. We have to “order” a stand till end of october. This year we was 5 people at the booth. IMHO this number is a perfect match.

And if YOU want to spread the word about your SmartHome love, there is also a deadline for submitting a talk. We want to see YOU on stage :slight_smile:


I would try to get my train this time. :slight_smile:

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Count me in for the stand! (I’ll apply for it through their form right away.)
Wrt the stage, I’d like to join you to encourage others to submit a talk - would be cool to have somebody from the community spreading the word :slight_smile: .

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FTR: We were accepted by FOSDEM and thus will have a stand there!

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my intentions are to come over there! i’m from Italy but if you need support for the organization, please count on me. :slight_smile:

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So great to read about a crew in Brussels :+1:
My talk about smarthome was rejected :frowning: Maybe Kai won a ticket to the main tracks?!
Let’s talk a little about organization:

  • i have less than 200 stickers and bring 150 of them to Brussels @Kai what do you remember from fosdem 2019? do we need more stickers?
  • i will print out some membership flyers and bring them to Brussels
  • @Confectrician have you and bring the demo set to Brussels?
  • I will arrive in Brussels in the evening of January 31st.
  • Let’s decorate our booth in the early morning of February 1st

Some questions:

  • What is our message for our visitors in 2020? Do we have a common understanding? OH 2.5?
  • What is our “goal” for the stand? New “customers”, community members, developers?
  • Is there a plan or should we be happy with a few days of cold and fun?


Yes its still here and i had (of course :man_shrugging:) no time to make progress with it yet.
But i have planned to bring it to Fosdem.
I will try to get a fresh OH 2.5 setup running and add our HABpanel tweaks from Froscon 2019.

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There should be stickers and flyers left in the box.
I can check how much are left, if you want that informatoin. :slight_smile:

i will arrive at charleroi on jan 31, late evening. i’ll have a lite baggage so no demo there but my laptop with some example installation.


No, I didn’t even submit anything…

@Kai what do you remember from fosdem 2019? do we need more stickers?

I think more than 150 would be good. I left all of mine with Jerome, so I think he should still have some supply in the box. Would not plan to order more at the moment.

OH 2.5?

… and OH3.0 new UI - @ysc wanted to make sure that the snapshot will contain it until FOSDEM :slight_smile:


If a closed sticker package contains 50, there are 135 (small) stickers left from the demo box. :slight_smile:

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And i have one closed and one open package. In total around 80.

I will arrive Friday in the evening, had no time to check the train schedule so far

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So in my understanding stickers are not the problem :slight_smile:
For me it looks that we have no open questions about the stand. We will show OH2.5 and the new UI for OH3.0. We want to attract new people to the OH-Community and tell the other about the smarthome possibilities with foss. I’m fine with that.
We will meet in Brussels in the morning of 1 February at the latest. To repeat the location:

AW level 1 (group A)

(taken from

Is it the same cold and windy place as last year? If so: bring warm clothes because it is cold and windy.

Hach. I’m so excited already.

If I remeber corrct, last year was building H :wink:

Yes. H building was last years spot for our state.

Hopefully this time Brussels will not get snow and stand will be inside of the building. :slight_smile:

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no snow this year. the weather forecast is about 3 (in the night) and up to 13 degrees. yippie

The weather will be windy and rainy this weekend.

Have fun!

@martinvw and myself will also be present on both days at the openHAB stand. If anyone wants to talk binding development bring your laptop and meet us at the openHAB stand!

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