FOSDEM Energy Devroom CfP until 3 December

Hi openHAB community, I’m involved in organising the Energy Devroom at the FOSDEM conference in Brussels on 4 February 2023. We want your presentations related to energy systems and energy usage. Straight up project presentations are welcome but tangible applications and use-cases are preferred, so are stories & lessons for community building in the energy industry. The morning will be virtual, the afternoon will be on location, so we accommodate both pre-recorded and live presentations. We hope to provide a stage to many communities like yours that have a relation to energy. I have met members of the openHAB community over the years of visiting FOSDEM and knowing home automation has a place in optimizing Energy use I really hope for one or more contributions from you. The deadline to submit a proposal is 3 December.

Hi Nico,

Many thanks for reaching out!
You’re right, there are many energy use cases being realized through smart home systems like openHAB and I guess this year even more than ever before.
We have actually applied for a stand again and if we get accepted, we will visit FOSDEM again. I just checked that feedback on the applications is promised to arrive on Dec 1st, so just in time before your CfP deadline.
If we get a stand, I would love to give a talk in your dev room on site. As I have many energy use cases realized in my home (incl. pv systems, wallboxes for EVs, etc.), I guess I could present some real-life experiences.

It would be great if others from the openHAB community considered a submission, too - I am certain that there are many great stories out there to be told!

Great. I hope you’ll make the cut for a stand. And such integrated automation scenario’s are exactly what we were hoping for. Ideally presented in a general way so others can do it too and people from industry can know how to support that level of automation.

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@Kai do you know more about the stand and submitting a talk?

Unfortunately no. I was checking yesterday already the FOSDEM website, but I couldn’t find any news. Neither today. I have your deadline in my calendar for tomorrow, so I’m still hoping. If no notifications are sent by tomorrow, I might submit a talk and possible withdraw it in case that there is no stand for us.

Yeah that would be a good solution to do it like that. :crossed_fingers:

Hi Nico,

I’m actually commercially selling an energy management system that is based on and programmed in openHAB’s domain specific language, Energie Managen: Effektiv & Flexibel »
I don’t know yet what to make of it in terms of directions for a presentation, but I could have a live talk about some of its aspects. The use cases it covers are straightforward so not all that surprising and I for sure don’t want this to become a product marketing show so maybe I could talk on the challenges in getting this out to non-tech savvy users, and the savings potential it brings for a typical household.
Or on any of its details, as technical as you would like it to be.
Do you think that would be ok given the somewhat commercial nature of this thingy ?

Hey Nico, I have just submitted a session.

@mstormi I’d suggest you simply submit a proposal - the worst thing that can happen is that it does not get accepted.

yeah I did.

It will be a devroom team decision but if you focus in the free software code and the non-code aspects like the practical use-case and savings I think that it will be fine. Thanks for submitting.

No news on the sessions on the website, but openHAB is in the list of stands: FOSDEM 2023 - Accepted stands for FOSDEM 2023


So @nicorikken, all if fine then and I won’t withdraw my submission. :slight_smile:

Yeah great! I see @mstormi and @Kai you both submitted talks, thanks!