Foundation Donation Source

Many of us here shop at Amazon. The Foundation could set up AmazonSmile so we could contribute as we purchase.

I know I would support this.

Could the Foundation get added to too? Too bad they do not extend their charities globally. :frowning:

I’m afraid that this isn’t possible as only supports “501©(3) public charitable organizations” - and we aren’t registered in the US (and we would need a US branch to do so).

Somebody needs to inform that the Internet is now worldwide, not just the US.


I have contacted them through their online form. Let’s see how they respond. I mentioned the foundation by name & referred to German amazon smile.

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First reply. They are clueless, IMHO.

You have reached the US AmazonSmile charity support team in error. For further assistance about your AmazonSmile DE profile please contact our DE charity support team directly here:

I responded:

They want to set up on US AmazonSmile so US users like me can contribute.

Since the Internet is worldwide and so are many non-profit organizations, there should be a way to do this.

Second Reply.

At this time, qualifying purchases must be made at for an organization based in Germany, and an organization must be based in the US to have donations generated on

If a customer places an order at another country’s Amazon site, no donation will be generated for that customer’s charity of choice.

My reply

Does ship products to the US ?? IF not, why would I order from them??

Another reply,. They just do not “get it” :frowning:

While not all sellers ship internationally, many items are available to ship to the US when ordered on

For further assistance, please call 866-216-1072 for Amazon Customer Service.

Thank you and have a lovely day!

I guess smaller non-profits need not apply :frowning:

Non-U.S. organizations must have a U.S. branch to register with the IRS

On a positive note, I have been talking with the Z-Wave device maker Zooz and it appears they are going to add OpenHAB to the list if systems that work with theirproiducts, based on our Z-Wave device database

Thank you @chris for your hard work. Those in North America feel free to look at their storefront.