[Framework] Homie for ESP8266

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@Snowboarder this is fixed in the v1.5.0. The Arduino for ESP8266 v2.2.0 revealed an issue with how I handled the JSON configuration, that did not appeared on the v2.1.0. :slight_smile:

All oke now with the new version

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

For anyone using Homie, @jpmens and I have been working on an OTA server (written in python) which might be useful for managing firmware and scheduling updates.


Give it a day or so to settle down … Lots of work in progress :laughing:

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@ben_jones12 @jpmens this is awesome! Thanks for contributing to the Homie ecosystem, I appreciate!

Feel free to open a PR on the homie-esp8266 repo, if you want to add your project to the docs, in the OTA section. :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for update. Configureation now seems to work OK , but device dosnt seem to connect to wifi, its probley me here is the serial debug
riggering HOMIE_NORMAL_MODE event…
** Booting into normal mode **
{} Stored configuration:
• Hardware device ID: fca59de0
• Device ID: esp001
• Boot mode: normal
• Name: ESP
• Wi-Fi
â—¦ SSID: ChaosNet
â—¦ Password not shown
â—¦ Host:
â—¦ Port: 1883
â—¦ Base topic: devices/
â—¦ Auth? no
â—¦ SSL? no
â—¦ Enabled? no
↕ Attempting to connect to Wi-Fi…
↕ Attempting to connect to Wi-Fi…
↕ Attempting to connect to Wi-Fi…
↕ Attempting to connect to Wi-Fi…
anything obvious in my settings? i thought i may of typed password wrong, but went through config again with same result
Thanks Chris

Hey Marvin, can you give a dummies guide explanation to how the Homie devices knows to boot up in configuration mode?

I’m fining that with my Wemos D1 mini it appears random… If I just plug/unplug the power a few times it boots up properly and connects to the wifi using the saved settings, but then all of a sudden if I plug it in again then it boots into config mode and seems to have lost it’s settings?

Known problem with the Wemos(https://github.com/marvinroger/homie-esp8266/issues/5). Seems to be related to the Windows driver.

That is why the OTA updates are so useful - no need to plug into PC so no chance of resetting!

@Chaos can you take a look at https://github.com/marvinroger/homie-esp8266/issues/75? Is it the same issue?

@TommySharp when the device finds a valid configuration file on the filesystem, it boots into normal mode, otherwise it boots into config mode. As @ben_jones12 said, there is a problem with Wemos devices that seems to corrupt the filesystem.

Hey Ben, thank you for your small lightweight server. I installed it yesterday on my pi for testing. The last message in the log file is:
* 2016-04-24 23:47:56,340 DEBUG Attempting connection to MQTT broker at localhost:1883…
homie-ota.log (END)*
Shouldn’t be there a positive feedback when the OTA-Server is well connected?

Greetings from Hamburg

Ahhhh … :wink:

I forgotten a slash in the ini at “ota-endpoint”. Now a home device was found.

Ahoi Christian

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FYI - https://github.com/jpmens/homie-ota is ready for prime time now. Supports firmware management including uploading and OTA scheduling. See the repo README for more details.

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Hi i have upgraded to homie 1.5.0 on a wemos D1 instead of ESP-12 DEV Kit and now it configures OK, many thanks for sorting this out. i am not quite sure the format to send to it.Using MQTT tester (i will progress to openHab later) i subscribe to: devices/test/light/on/set and publish “on” looking at serial debug i get:
Calling global input handler…
Calling node input handler…
Calling property input handler…
No handlers handled the following packet:
• Node ID: light
• Property: on
• Value: on
What topic should i subscribe to to recieve and what should i publish to to switch the led on off in the LightOnOff example ?
thanks Chris

@Chaos send true or false instead of on as a value. Of course, you can change this to whatever you want in the sketch.

thank you

@marvinroger just a small note to a) thank you for Homie, and b) show you that we’re really liking it! :smile:


@jpmens you guys rock! Great to see the project is used in real home automation systems. :smiley:
By the way, do you see any stability improvements with the 2.2.0 release of the Arduino for ESP8266?

I certainly think so: I’ve seen an uptime of > 7 days which I don’t think we got anywhere close to before that.

I have yet to see a crash/restart of any sort - aside from OTA updates. Great work @marvinroger!

Awesome :slight_smile:
There is still an issue with the new mDNS discovery feature, but I will attempt to fix it soon.