[Framework] Homie On Wimos D1 Mini clone


Most of my ESP8266 integration has been with Micropython to date, but reading good things about Homie, and it looks like this could simplify my life a lot.
So, I’m been running some Homie testing on an Adafruit Huzzah (same hardware I use for Micropython) and all seems to be working well.
Development environment is PlatformIO.

So, deciding to expand my testing I see a lot of projects on here using the Wimos D1 Mini ESP8266.
Can’t find the genuine Wemos units anywhere, but got some clones (look exact copy on paper).
These units run the standard D1 Mini code no problem at all, but I can’t get Homie to go.
I get an immediate exception on boot.

Anyone have experience on running Homie on a D1 Mini, and care to share any learnings please?



I am running Homie on my SuperLEDstrip with Wemos D1 mini.

I have not tried Homie v3 yet.

I suggest you start with Bare Minimum Sketch.

And I think you would get more/better help if you post your homie issue in the official Gitter room. (had to search for this link, too)

I will.
But even the bare minimum example that does nothing fails. It’s something with these D1 Minis.

If I figure it I’ll post.