Freesoftware/OSS iot integration


Has anybody tried to integrate Openhab 2 with Freesoftware/OSS IOT such as huginn,

Please throw some light on it.


Can you be more specific about the type of integration you want?


We want to host private like site with all Freesoftware/OSS stuff.


I haven’t done the integrations that you’re asking about but I have looked at huginn before and have used

The primary functions of are persistence, notifications, IFTTT integration and remote access.

There are many ways huginn and and openHAB server could be integrated (MQTT, for example). That could be interesting even without replacing For example, a motion alert could trigger the security to take a snapshot and then huginn could send that snapshot to Amazon Turk to ask a human if they see any people in the photo and then send an message back to openHAB with the results It appears that huginn also supports notifications.

Thingspeak has a ReST API. I’m assuming you want to use it for persistence. The most general integration would be a persistence binding for the service.

I don’t think the remote access feature is directly supported by either huginn or thingspeak.