Frendly log instead of frontail

Hello everyone!
I want to share my solution for reading logs instead of frontail. I installed Openhab on an x86 Debian server. And I found it not rational to install frontail with its heavy dependencies.

Requirements: console access to the operating system. Local or SSH.

Go to folder

cd /etc/openhab/html

Make symlinks to the log files

ln /var/log/openhab/events.log
ln /var/log/openhab/openhab.log

Download html page


Open this page in your browser

for exemple

Looks friendly!


good job ! works well nice and it even can be integrated in openhab but can we adjust like how much it need to load because with 70000 entrys per day it takes a while …

Looks nice… Thanks for this

70 000 / 24 / 60 / 60 = 0.8 message per second. Wow!

I didn’t do stress tests. But even if js doesn’t break, it’s not convenient to work with that much data. Navigation elements are needed. Maybe filters by day and hour.

It would be interesting to try to parse your logs. Can you send it to me?

Thanks and well done! :slight_smile:
Implemented in openHAB with dark theme:

Nothing is showing… :frowning:
Is there any additional requirement or config change needed?

Hi all! Tests showed that this solution absolutely does not work with large size logs.
I modified the original frontail a little bit and posted the solution on the githab.

I do not use openhabian and my frontail is installed manually as an npm package. For this reason, the modification of frontail may be slightly different. I’m willing to help.
p.s. This is not the final version, I will improve the interface

Can anyone help with testing the new frontail?

wait this is just frontail ? did you abandoned your hml project ? it was nice because it can be integrated directly in openhab and worked remotly aswell

It was not possible to do this only in the frontend. The server side was needed. I do not have the right skills to write the backend from scratch. However, I was able to modify the original frontail and optimise it to display openhab logs. I also left backward compatibility and it is possible to view Linux logs for example.
These are only cosmetic changes, for better readability

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