Fresh Eclipse install: no "Add-ons" section in PaperUI

I (once again) want to debug a binding and create a new one and reinstalled Eclipse from scratch according to the instruction and including openHAB Development and openHAB Add-ons (but without explicitly adding any setup in pom.xml).
Start works as expected, but when I check there is no “Add-ons” section in PaperUI. Adding bindings did not help. Previously I had java-1_8_0-openjdk, but I tried reinstalling the ‘real’ java 1.8.0_251 - no change.
Any idea what it might be?

You don’t see any add-ons because in the demo app not all rest api’s are available. (See This is fixed, but not for the 2.5.x branch).

But for development it is not blocking. You need to add the binding to the demo pom.xml and add it to the apprun.bnd as shown in the manual. Then you be able to run discover or manual add things in PaperUI. For development I mostly prefer to create manual configurations during development. That makes it easier to develop, as nothing is cached and thus changes to the channels are not cached. And it also makes it simple to retrigger the inialization by make a small modification to the things file.

@hilbrand, thank you for this information. Actually, adding the binding to pom.xml and to apprun.bnd works and the items appear in the Inbox.

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