Friends Of Hue switch - OH3 - ChannelTriggeredEvent

I am trying to use a Busch Jäger Friends of Hue switch with OH3 but after some time (10-30 hours) the switch does not trigger a “ChannelTriggeredEvent” anymore.

Then only a reboot of the Raspberry Pi4 helps.

I’m using a Philips Hue Bridge, OH 3.1.0 @ Pi4.

Does anyone know the problem?

/* Things */

Bridge hue:bridge:ecb5xxxxxxxx "Hue Bridge" [ ipAddress="", userName="xxxxx" ]{

  0830 22	"Switch 1"	@ "Room1"	[ sensorId="22" ]


Hey Pete,
Did you solve your problem with B+J FOH? I try to add it via GUI but the trigger channel complains about a missing profile.
Br Daniel