Fritz Dect 200 power measuring in PaperUI NG rule

Aloha kakoû…

i try to use the NG Rule Engine from Paper UI to to a little thing. I want to get a message from my washing machine when its ready.
To get this working im using a AVM Fritz Dect 200 with its power measuring functionality. I get the correct value in the PaperUI Control Panel. Now i want to make a NG rule to send a mail and switch a Philips Hue, but here is my problem.
Can anyone tell me what i need to insert as the state under update condition for the Fritz Dect 200 Power Measuring?

I’ve tried anything from just 0.2 oder 0,2 to “0.2”.
Maybe i have to convert it in any way? But i cant find any reference how to do it proberly.
The type of the item “Leistung (Waschmaschine_Leistung” is Number with dimension Power as documented in the AVM Fritz! Binding.

Would be glad to get any advise how to solve this.


No one any experience with this? :frowning: