Fritz Powerline 546e in stand-alone mode


I am desperately trying to get my Fritz!Powerline 546E Socket to accept OpenHAB Commands in Stand-Alone Mode.
Can anybody help me?

My files look like this:

Thing avmfritz:fritzpowerline:1 “Powerline Bedroom” @ “Bedroom” [ ipAddress=“”, password=“xxxxxxx” ]

Switch BedroomOutlet “Outlet Bedroom” [ “Switchable” ] { channel=“avmfritz:FRITZ_Powerline_546E_Solo:1:outlet” }

Thanks for your help.

since your thing is named avmfritz:fritzpowerline:1, shouldn’t your item be:

Switch BedroomOutlet "Outlet Bedroom" [ "Switchable" ] {channel="avmfritz:fritzpowerline:1:outlet" }

use " for quotes

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I second @Dim post. Please be aware of this open issue. There are currently some problems switching the device.

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Thank you.
I found this behavior in my log files too.
On searching the Issues in the github project I did not find this issue.
I will try the SNAPSHOT version and change my item config as soon as I am home.

Thank both of you!

To make sure you understand me correctly. The issue isn’t solved yet. The snapshot version won’t work either. You have to install the fixed binding version manually by following my advice inside the linked issue.