Fritzbox 7272 Not connection

Hi folks,

I have a problem with my fritzbox 7272.
What have I done?

  1. Install AVM Fritz Binding and I create a User openhab in fritzbox
  2. Install map Transformation
  3. Add a fritzbox.items file
    Group Fritzbox
    “Meine feitxbox”

    My MAC Adresse include, too.
  4. Add presence. map file wirh Status
    Open=at home
    closed=Not at Home
  5. In Basic UI I See my network. But the Status is always undefiniert:-(
    I believe that my fritzbox 7272 is Not Supported ?!? But in things my fritzbox is online.

Can anybody help ne, please?

reboot and see if there’s a fritzbox.cfg file where you can enter your WebUI user, IP and password.
It should be automatically generated.

Hi Nico111,

Thanks for your answer. In fritzbox.cfg file, I will included User ID Password e.g.
Bit the fritzbox does not work :frowning:
In things my fritzbox 7272 has Status online. But i will Bild See "undefined " in Sitemap.
Whitch fritzbox Binding do you prefere?fritzbox64, AVM fritzbox…?

Regards Sven