Fritzbox and thing configuration drives me crazy


until 2 weeks ago i have worked with paperui and auto discovery and all looking good.

last week i have started with the eclipse smart home designer and it looks like my brain is not compatible to this at all…

the “thing” configuration drives me crazy…

i have started reading the documentation i found at:


as result i have created a: “fritzbox.things” with this this content:

Bridge avmfritz:fritzbox:1 [ ipAddress=“”, password =“mypass”, user=“myuser” ] {
FRITZ_DECT_200 NAS [ ain=“087610112345” ]
FRITZ_DECT_200 GAMEPCX [ ain=“087610112345” ]

(yes this are example ains but in my local files i have set them correct)

after rebooting the systems i got the following results:

whats wrong in my things config file ?

at the moment i see 2 possibilitys…

  1. the “Full Example” is Rubbish… or 2) i am to dumb to translate the Example given to real values…

on the other hand when i click on the “inbox” then i got:

what does make this avmfritz:FRITZ_DECT_200:1:087610

this complete differs from the example given in documentation

so please someone give a working example that seem logic for MY brain.

Thank you and best Regards



there is a not working example of the fritzbox thing configuration in the documentation. See discussion here: or here: [avmfritz] FRITZ!DECT 200 jsut "INITIALIZING" and items don't work

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Thank you Christoph Weitkamp for pointing me to this Thread…

But one Question is left for me…


Bridge avmfritz:fritzbox:1 [ ipAddress=“”, password =“my_password”, user=“openhab” ] {
FRITZ_DECT_200 0876101xxxxx “NAS” [ ain=“0876101xxxxx” ]
FRITZ_DECT_200 0876101xxxxx “Game PC” [ ain=“0876101xxxxx” ]
FRITZ_DECT_200 0876101xxxxx “Computer” [ ain=“0876101xxxxx” ]
FRITZ_DECT_200 0876101xxxxx “Hifi Anlage” [ ain=“0876101xxxxx” ]
Comet_DECT 109710xxxxxx “Heizung Bad” [ ain=“09710xxxxxx” ]
Comet_DECT 109710xxxxxx “Heizung Wohnzimmer” [ ain=“09710xxxxxx” ]

works as configuration example (for me it works)

For me its done and i am happy at the moment but i think i am not the last user whos run into this problem…

But this Solution / Workaround is known for over 1 Month now… Does anybody change this in the documentation so this problem/question could not come up again?

Hi Hans-Jürgen,

you are welcome.

Absolutely right. I will run another test and post again in the pull request to comfirm my last example. Maybe you should do that, too.