Fritzbox binding FritzboxTR064: calculating bytes received?

I’m using the FritzboxTR064 binding, which works fine. Now I want to use the “Bytes Received / Bytes Sent”-Information, which the binding is able to read:

Number  fboxWanTotalBytesSent     "WAN total bytes sent [%s]"     {fritzboxtr064="wanTotalBytesSent"}
Number  fboxWanTotalBytesReceived "WAN total bytes received [%s]" {fritzboxtr064="wanTotalBytesReceived"}

I’m a bit confused by the numbers…
The same time, the binding gets a new Information, the numbers within the FritzBox Administration is completely different:

  • FritzBox admin Online-counter: 865 MB
  • FritzBox TR064 binding: 8630251 Byte (?)

If I’m counting correctly, 8630251 Byte / 1000 = 8.63 MB

with a bit of rounding Errors and stuff and all, I assume If you calculate 8630251 / 10000 = 863.02 MB

Do I miss something?

8.630.251 Byte / 1024 = 8.427 KB / 1024 = 8,2 MB

After some more tests, I’m beginning to understand! :wink:

  • wanTotalBytesSent
  • wanTotalBytesReceived

both calculate from the time of reboot. They don’t correlate in any way with those from the online-monitor, which shows the volumes of today, yesterday, this week, this month and last month regardless of reboots.

I opened an issue for this:


i found your issue looking for the same solution…
Anything happend since march or new understandings?

Maybe it would be a solution to set the counter via rule to zero at midnight, first day of week, first day of month?
But would be unpredictable, when fritzbox reboots within a day/week/month :confused:


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