Fritzbox-Binding - show internal calls?

Hi, i use the Fritzbox-Binding to show calls on my webinterface.

Now i want to see my calls from the doorphone (ip doorphone) also, but i can only see external calls. Internal calls will not be shown.

Is there a way to enable this? My ip-doorphone is connected to my fritzbox as ip-phone. If someone rings the doorbell, i get internal calls to my phones around the house (group call **9).

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Not sure whether you are still struggling with this, but as I had the same problem I thought to reply.
Apparently this is not possible because Fritz!OS does not show internal calls in the Call Monitor (for whatever reason). The solution I finally found is to register at an VoIP provider (sipcall) and have the doorbell calling an external number. In the sipcall config I then re-route calls from the doorbell back to the internal number. A bit cumbersome but it works and doesn’t generate any cost.


I found the solution for my problem in the german voip-forum.

I now make a sip-uri call insted of calling a internal phone number and this calls are shown as external calls.

Can you describe me how you have configured the “sip-uri call” in your fritzbox? I have the same problem.

Here you are: