Fritzbox eventlog presence detection

Since I’m using fritz Mesh a reliable presence detection with the tr064 binding seems impossible. When a device disconnects from Wifi when it were connected to a repeater in the mesh the devices stays in the device list for round about 10 minutes and the tr064 binding detects it as online.
I have looked around for alternatives and found the fritzbox eventlog which is pretty verbose and accurate. It logs each connect and disconnect with the datetime, device, ip, MAC.

I was also able to find a shell script which automates the query process.
I’m wondering if there is already a solution that uses this eventlog.

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Just a guess, but have you tried to get it working with the LogReader binding?

I have looked at this Binding while researching but I don’t think it’s appropriate:

  1. It’s for parsing specific elements from the log heavily based on the log-level
  2. Doesn’t automate query of log