FritzBox (new) Bindung 2.4 - presence detection

Hey guys,

if i understand correct, then TR064 was used in the past and meanwhile shouldnt be used (or even is disabled by default) due to security issues?!

Now im trying to find some manual on how to get presence detection running without TR064 - the “new” Binding seems to not support anything regarding this topic?!

What would be the solution while running the newest OpenHab-Version?

You can still use TR064, I am using it with 2.5.M2.

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k thx,
so thats actually the only way of presence detection (with FritzBox and Wifi-Clients) or is there another convenient way without using (apparently) old/obsolete methods.

Using the Network binding, you can detect if a specific IP is online.

Yes, but from my experience the network binding does not work reliable with mobile phones (Ios, Android) as they do not answer on ping requests reliably.
It also does not work reliable on Windows machines (if you are running OH an Windows) as it will always show all IPs as online (even if they are not).
For these reasons I am still using TR064 for presence detection.

That is what the arping configuration in the Network binding was created for. It wakes the phones enough to respond to the arping request. Many iOS and Android users are using this quite successfully.

But from my experience it is not available and usable in a Windows environment.
The Fritzbox TR064 basically does the same as arping.

It’s totally available to use from a Windows environment. From the readme:

For arp pings to work, a separate tool called “arping” is used…arping by Thomas Habets runs on Windows and MacOS as well.

It can be downloaded from and all you have to do is make sire it’s in the PATH or the fully qualified path to where you put the exe is configured in the Network Binding config.