FritzBox TR064 Binding - detect clients in Guest WLAN


I would like to be able to detect presence of clients in my Guest Network, so the House will greet friends :wink:
Network health will obviously not work, so I thought maybe this binding could do the trick. Could someone with this binding working confirm or deny if this is possible?
Many thanks in advance,

It is not possible as far as I know: instead of known ip adresses (network health binding) you need to provide known mac addresses for presence detection with the tr064 binding.

Well I do know the mac adresses - the Admin GUI for fritzbox does show them for clients in the Guest LAN.
So the question remains if you can query them via the binding…

Sure you can:
Contact cFboxMacOnline "Presence (WiFi) [%s]" {fritzboxtr064="maconline:11-11-11-11-11-11" }

But you need to know all mac adresses from your friends in advance …

I checked that in advance and hoped for a yes/no answer as the wiki doesn’t clearly state if it reports both “internal” and guest network :wink: . I admit I’m a lazy fellow and wanted to avoid doing the work and finding out it doesn’t work afterwards…

Take your own phone, connect to the guest wifi and check it out …:sunglasses:

If it was only that…install binding, configure router, set up items - for a 50 % chance it’ll work. And I’m such a lazy b…eing :wink:
On the other hand…the long nights are coming so if nobody else will chip in with a yay or nay I’ll just give it a try. I’ll report back then - whenever that may be :smile:

Better late then never. As promised I report back that yes indeed using the FritzboxTR064 Binding you can detect presence on your guest WiFi.
This will freak my guests out if the house greets them with “Hello Name. It has been soandsomany days since you have visited me” :wink:

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